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September 27, 2005



I just turned on my nano and on the screen says
Disk mode ok to disconnect
What can i do about it? Please help, i want to finish my book!!!


my ipod nano will not get off of disk mode and i didnt even set it to disk mode. Every time i try to charge my ipod it says that the computer does not recognize the USB device. My brother's ipod works fine with the same cord. can u help me ?

Hayleigh Barnsley

my iPod will not let me listen to songs and everytime i try to listen to it the screen just comes up with a big "tick" and says "ok to disconnect" and also says "disk mode"...what should i do about this? it is getting to be a real problem and has been like this for about a week PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

uhhh i dont know

ok if you have a ipod nano i think you press menu and select or play and select it just happened to me today i whent to something dave


I had the same problem with the Disk mode too. Is there anyway I can fix it without having to go to the store?

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