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August 07, 2005

Nokia 7710 Smartphone gets Mobile TV with DVB-H


Do you remember the old days when your mobile phone was just used for making calls and text messaging?  It seems like it was just yesterday, ah, it was yesterday in fact.  Well, in the past months there have been several tests of Mobile TV going on, and now during this week's World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki, guests of the companies behind the Finnish Mobile TV project will be able to use mobile TV for the first time at an international sporting event. The real-time TV programs will be watched on the Nokia 7710 smartphone equipped with a special accessory to receive mobile TV broadcasts using Digital Video Broadcast - Handheld (DVB-H)

The World Championships in Athletics offer an excellent environment to demonstrate use cases for mobile TV, and specifically how new content can be produced for mobile TV devices. For example, the users can watch the games on their way to the stadium or anytime they are away from the action.

DVB-H technology allows television channels to be distributed effectively to users of mobile devices. All television channels and special event channels can be accessed by viewers as live broadcasts cost-effectively irrespective of the number of recipients. It is easy for users to view the channels. Supplementary interactive features are also easy to use on the same mobile TV device.

Finnish Mobile TV  and Nokia have taken the lead in the Mobile TV space and viewers will also be able to watch MTV 3, Nelonen, CNN, BBC World and Eurosport TV.

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