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August 10, 2005

PMP DVR Review - Archos, Zen Vision, Sony PSP

PC Mag
takes a look at the emerging PMP Portable Media Player market, and reviews the latest PMP gadgets available.  In the past six months interest in portable DVR has been growing, with more and more people wanting their "TivoToGo" and "take out" multimedia entertainment.

We've selected six portable media players which, while they'll only fit in a large jacket pocket (yet comfortably in your backpack), play video on an acceptable-size screen and support music playback and photo viewing, too. Each has its own characteristics: The Creative players are affordable and good mainly for playback, whereas the Archos players are expensive yet have extensive recording options. The Epson P-2000 has a top-notch screen and camera off-load capabilities, and the Sony PSP is intended primarily for gamers.

Archos AV700 Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Archos PMA400 

Creative Zen Portable Media Center

Creative Zen Vision

Epson P-2000

Sony PSP

Read the full PC Magazine article review | Portable Media Players 101

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