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March 04, 2008

TomTom GO 930 and GO 730 with Advanced Lane Guidance and IQ Routes


When the new TomTom GO 930 and TomTom GO 730 GPS devices ship in April, they will both include exclusive IQ Routes technology and Advanced Lane Guidance.  IQ Routes technology is based on actual average speeds measured on roads, rather than posted speed limits, while Advanced Lane Guidance will provide users with realistic representations of complex highway junctions and lane-specific visual directions. The TomTom GO 930 comes pre-installed with the most up-to-date maps of US, Canada and Western and Central Europe stored on the internal memory. The TomTom GO 730 includes the latest maps of the US and Canada.

TomTom GO 930 and TomTom GO 730 specs:

- 4.3" widescreen 16:9 format LCD (WQVGA: 480x272 pixels)
- CPU 400 MHz
- TomTom GO 930: 4 GB internal flash memory, TomTom GO 730: 2 GB
- SD card slot - High sensitivity GPS receiver
- Bluetooth

- Built-in FM Transmitter
- Lithium-polymer battery (up to 5 hours operation)
- Dimensions: 118 mm x 83 mm x 24 mm, or 4.6 x 3.2 x 1 inches
- Weight: 7.7 ounces

The new TomTom GO range will be available across North America and Europe starting at end of April 2008, with the GO 730 priced at about $450-$500 and the GO 930 going for $500- $550.


"TomTom IQ Routes technology is based on actual average speeds on roads, rather than the posted speed limits. This intelligent routing technology is based on anonymous historical speed profiles of over 6.2 billion miles of driven roads, gathered over the years by millions of TomTom users. It takes into account all the factors that may influence the time it takes drivers to get to their destination, including traffic lights, rotaries, steep slopes and speed bumps. The TomTom IQ Routes™ speed profile database continues to grow at the rate of over half a billion measurements per day, so the time and spatial accuracy of TomTom IQ Routes™ technology will continually increase. Drivers can be confident that they will always be given the smartest route, incorporating detailed local knowledge. This allows for more efficient daily route planning, in particular when driving through urban and mountainous areas."


"With the new Advanced Lane Guidance feature, navigating difficult junctions becomes easier than ever before. Advanced Lane Guidance provides users with realistic visuals of complex highway junctions and lane-specific directions. Static images of road signs, in the same color as the ones displayed on the road, ensure that drivers have an even more realistic view of the road ahead, and their specific route."


 via | Gizmodo


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