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November 23, 2010

FreeOneHand iPad Holder and iPad Stand on Sale


Here's a useful gift idea for iPad owners this Holiday. The FreeOneHand iPad Holder and Stand is a handy multi-function iPad accessory that features a one-handed grip for holding the iPad, and it also works as an iPad stand in portrait and landscape mode.

FreeOneHand-iPad The couple pictured above show an example of how you might kick back on the couch and share the iPad while holding it with the 2.3 ounce FreeOneHand device. With "raised feet" on all corners, you can put the ipad screen down on a surface and not worry about scratching the display.

The FreeOneHand iPad Holder and iPad Stand is on sale now for $39.94 and comes in Bright White, Silver, Ebony, Lime Green, Sky Blue and Rose Pink colors.

Ergonomic Specialists were consulted during product design to create the most ergonomically efficient way to hold and use your iPad with one hand.  FreeOneHand's Patent Pending "Power Grip" uses 5 times less energy than a typical "pinch grip" to hold your iPad.  FreeOneHand is designed to take the weight and strain of holding a 1.5 pound iPad off your hands and wrists.



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