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June 12, 2009

ARCHOS 9 Mini PC Tablet Runs Windows 7 OS

ARCHOS 9 PC tablet

Just when you thought UMPC devices have been taken over buy netbooks, ARCHOS comes along with this new ARCHOS 9 PC Tablet. There's no physical keyboard on the Archos9, but it does have a nice looking virtual keyboard and 8.9-inch 1024x600 pixel resistive touchscreen which works pretty smoothly in the demo video below. The device also has an optical trackpoint for surfing the web, or navigating content. Powering the ARCHOS 9PCtablet is the new Intel ATOM Z515 processor, while  Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system is running the device.

At a slim 0.63'', and weighing less than 800g, the ARCHOS 9 packs an 80 GB hard disk, Bluetooth to tether wireless accessories, 802.11b/g Wi-f i, and 2 antennas to receive DVBT TV with diversity reception. According to the Archos spokesnman in this video, the device will be priced at about 450 euros, or about $630.

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April 17, 2009

Viliv S5 Premium Real Pocket PC

Viliv S5 umpc

Remember that nice Viliv S5 Atom based MID in the ZDnet video below? Coming straight outta South Korea, the Viliv S5 Premium handheld device, also known as the Viliv S5 real Pocket PC, is making the rounds again. The 4.8-inch, 1024 x 600 touch-screen on this device features a virtual keyboard with haptic feedback, and it's said to offer up to six hours of battery life in video playback mode. The Viliv S5 Premium Real Pocket PC and similar mobile Internet devices might be the future of the UMPC, which has been over shadowed by ultraportable netbook PCs this year.

JKontherun is expecting an evaluation unit soon, and will surely put it to the test. The device can soon be pre-ordered online through Dynamism and is expected to begin shipping in May. Check there for pricing.

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March 09, 2009

Samsung Q1EX Ultra Mobile PC

Samsung Q1EX Ultra Mobile PC
Just when you thought Netbooks were taking all the attention from UMPC devices, Samsung decides to update its Q1 UMPC with the new Q1EX Ultra Mobile PC. This time Samsung has added a new touch screen with virtual keyboard instead of the split QWERTY keyboard found on the Q1U. Priced at $749.99, the Samsung Q1EX measures 9" W x 5" H x 1" D, weighs less than 1.5 pounds, and offers up to 4.5 hours of battery life or 8.5 hours on the extended-life battery.


- Operating System : Windows XP Tablet Edition

- Processor : VIA Nano ULV U2500 (1.2 GHz)

- 7" wide LCD touch screen1024 x 600 resolution and 300 nits of brightness

- 802.11 b/g wireless Wi-Fi connectivity

- Bluetooth 2.0

- 1.3MP digital camera

- 2 GB DDK2, 60 GB HDD memory

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January 08, 2009

OQO model 2+ Mobile Internet Device


The OQO model 2 has been updated with the slick new OQO model 2+ which now features a 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB RAM, Windows Vists OS, an OLED display, and worldwide 3G connectivity.  The pocketable OQO model 2+ with full QWERTY backlit thumb keboard weighs less than one pound and measures 5.6"(W) x 3.3"(H) x 1.0"(D). The device supports large external displays up to 1920x1200 with HDMI/DVI and VGA interfaces, and offers Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR.  The OQO model 2+ Mobile Internet Device (MID) starts at $999, and will be available sometime in the first half of 2009.

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June 29, 2008

Toughbook CF-U1 Rugged Ultra Mobile PC Now Available

Toughbook_cfu1 Panasonic's Toughbook CF-U1 rugged ultra mobile PC, designed for field workers and those who work in extreme environments, will be available in August for about $2,499.

Panasonic spent about two years collecting feedback from government and commercial organizations about their mobile computing needs, and have delivered a Toughbook capable of withstanding shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, temperature extremes and thermal shock, while also being rain and dust resistant.

The portable and durable Toughbook U1 also features a "sunlight viewable" LCD touchscreen, a thumb-friendly backlit QWERTY keyboard, a solid state drive, fingerprint scanner, 1D and 2D barcode and RFID readers for data capture, and a 2-megapixel digital camera. The device supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, next generation (SiRFstarIII based) GPS technology, and 3G mobile broadband Internet connectivity. It's also the first rugged handheld UMPC equipped with the new Intel Atom processor, and operates on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

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March 06, 2008

ToughBook UMPC from Panasonic

Panasonic_umpc You're probably familiar with Panasonic's ToughBook notebook PCs, but Panasonic has also been working on a tough Ultra Mobile PC.  The Panasonic ToughBook UMPC seen here features the new Intel Atom processor that was announced the other day, and a Windows Vista OS. The tough and rugged device has a 5.6-inch touchscreen LCD, and full QWERTY keyboard which should be appeal to mobile workers.

We hope to see pricing and release dates from Panasonic soon.

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February 20, 2008

HP Compaq 2133 - HP's New UMPC?


It looks like HP is planning to get in on the ultra mobile PC revolution. Engadget has a sneak-peek of the rumored HP Compaq 2133 UMPC, which is said to feature a scratch resistant 8.9-inch 1366 x 766 (WXGA) display, ExpressCard/54 slot, Wi-fi, a nearly full-sized QWERTY keyboard, and webcam. The HP Compaq 2133 runs Vista or Linux operating systems, and will be available with an optional SSD. Let's hope this 2.5-pound UMPC will be offered at an affordable price, a-la the Asus EeePC.

January 21, 2008

Fujitsu LifeBook P1620 Ultra Portable Convertible Notebook PC Arrives

Fujitsu has updated the lovely LifeBook P1610 ultra-portable PC with the new Lifebook P1620 model. The P1620's updated features include a ULV 1.2GHz U7600 Core 2 Duo processor with up to 2GB of memory and up to 100GB of hard drive disk space. The new convertible laptop/UMPC/tablet has the same sweet 8.9-inch 1,280 x 768 WXGA display as the P1610, and it runs Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, Genuine Windows Vista Business, or Genuine Windows XP Professional operating systems. Three Lifebook P1610 configurations are available with prices set at $1,749, $2,094, and $2,224.

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January 02, 2008

Asus Eee PC Accessories

Asus_eee_pc_accessories The ultra-portable, and ultra-popular Asus Eee PC has its own line of accessories that include a new compact high dpi resolution optical mouse available in pink, blue, green, black, and white colors, a pair of headphones designed with noise-isolation available with 3 sizes of earbud gel tips, a handy power adapter with various power code specifications for different countries, and extra batteries for power for extended usage on-the-go.

Asus is also said to be preparing a next generation Eee PC with high speed WiMAX connectivity, and a larger 8.9-inch display. Official Asus Eee PC announcements are expected at CES 2008.

December 05, 2007

OQO Model e2 UMPC with HSDPA Mobile Broadband


If you thought the OQO Model 02 Ultra-mobile PC was a mobile powerhouse, you would probably like to get your hands on the new OQO model e2 with embedded 3g HSDPA mobile broadband capability. The world's smallest fully-functional Windows Vista PC already had Wi-fi, but now the device enables users to get connected via high-speed UMTS/HSDPA for Web surfing, while providing anytime/anywhere mobile computing. Isn't that what we're all looking for?

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